ybi Customer Reviews

Learn why customers stick with ybi

“Thank you very much – this is a fantastic, thorough report with vital information. We are very impressed with the level of detail and how quickly it was done.”

-Robyn Dunlop

“Exceptionally professional service, prompt telephone service polite and helpful, turned up on time and day stated. Report received promptly.”

-Sue Adams

“The inspector was very helpful and answered all my questions. He took extra time to go over a few areas of concern I had raised, prior to ordering the report.”

-David Norman

“Prompt, friendly professional excellent feedback. I have had many building reports on property purchases in the past, this is by far the best I have ever seen.”

–Graham Gore

“The inspection & level of detail is very thorough. You would be crazy to build or buy a house without an independent inspection by “ybi”. This is my third report & I have recommended the service to both family and friends. Well worth the money.”

–Steven Oliver

“This is the second time we have used your service and we’ve been impressed each time. I appreciate the phone call from the inspector and the prompt written report.”

-Kate Godfrey

“Thank you for your quick service on our house and the time you took to answer our questions on the property.”

–Kathleen and Glen Wilson

“Thank you for your ease of service.”

-Debbie Spencer

“The inspector was very thorough. He talked my husband and I through the report and answered all our questions honestly. We were told we could ring him any time about our building inspection.”

-Emma Nash

“Our daughter recommended you to us, having used your services last year. Our whole family is impressed with the service.”

-Katrina and Bronislaw Nowak

“We were extremely impressed with the prompt and thorough service. We have confidence now in our purchase. Thank you very much.”

-Kerrie Turner

The level of service received was of a very high level. YBI provided us with the most detailed and thorough report which allowed us to easily make the decision to purchase. Thank you.”

-Tanya and Jeff Hayes

“Once again YBI has provided us with an outstanding quality of service. Our inspector was friendly, courteous and on time, and our inspection report was completed and in our inbox within 24 hours! From our experience, there is no better way to guarantee that you are making the right decision when purchasing a property. Thanks YBI, what a great experience!”

-Rebecca and Matt Pritchard

“Your professionalism and genuine concern in regards to our house purchase is greatly appreciated. We will definitely be recommending “ybi” to family and friends. Thank you.”

-Carolyn and Steven Richard

“Extremely comprehensive report and it is obvious the inspector spent many hours of quality time both at the house and in compiling the report.”

-Helen and Peter Brown

“Delighted with the service & report. We found “ybi” very approachable and very willing to help. Very friendly & professional.”

-Joanne Boudan

“Fast and friendly service. Very professional.”

-Beryl Sysma

“Your fast and thorough service took a lot of the uncertainty out of buying our first home.”

-Stephanie Collins and Brett Kuzmik

“Great easy to read and understand report.”

-Brodie Beenton

“The “ybi” team exceeded all expectations as an opportunity presented itself and within 24 hours we had the information to make an informed decision. You could not ask for more.”

-Darren O’Brien

“Thank you for your prompt and efficient response and comprehensive report.”

-Asma Arain

“The inspector was fantastic and gave me every bit of information I needed to evaluate a house purchase. Thanks. He was very particular and I understand took his time and checked out everything. It gives me a lot of confidence in this service.”

-Kristy and Luke Bellamy

“AAA+++ service. Very professional. Very thorough. Highly recommend.”

-Jessica and Scott Johnson

“Second time users, both reports have gone into so much detail we were very confident with our purchase. The reports provided a fantastic “to do” list. Thanks.”

-Niel and Tania Bowling